Journey of dilly -daily life…

“Hello everyone,

How many of you dream of riches? How many of you dream of a comfortable life? Well, I believe we all are already rich and have everything we need.
You don’t? Then, open your eyes and look around, and relieve in the beauty called ‘Earth’.

We all, in our run for riches, miss out on the smallest things, which give us immense happiness and satisfaction.

So, take a pause and enjoy life.”

– The Change Maker

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“Hey there, everyone!
Have you ever taken a time out to just stop and think about someone else? Someone who might be suffering? And that someone is the same person who is responsible for letting us enjoy the goods we buy and the food we get on our plates?


Then, STOP now! and let’s think about that someone, i.e., the farmers.

Here’s a small poetry from me bringing to light the ordinary life of the extraordinary farmers in India.”

– Confused Earthling

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Fight for THAT PLACE

That place, as mentioned in this post, is something which every Mumbaikar fights for when riding in the Local trains in the rush hour.
So, I just wanted people to know what it is like to ride the Mumbai Local Trains(just a fun fact, even though the ride isn’t so).

So, here I am, trying to describe the rides in Mumbai Local Trains.

Disclaimer: This post is not for the weak and faint hearted.

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Feminist in Making

In recent times, the word ‘feminism’ and ‘feminist have evolved from positive stand to negative stand. People, men and women, both included, have started misinterpreting the meaning of these words.
So, here’s our blogger, Champu Gorilla, ranting about the mooted topic – Feminism, with a view to help people understand what exactly it stands for.

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