Ahoy! There’s the President!!

” ‘We are going to get to see the President of India’.
My friends and I kept singing it in our heads.
Of course, our excitement was not only because of that, but, because we could now go ahead with our plan to have some yummy, delicious, mouth-watering waffles.
But, who knew, the event itself would have been a fun of its own giving us new memories to ponder over?”

– The Change Maker

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The Wonders of Ancient India (Part-1)

“We as human beings have the privilege of expressing our ideas, views, thoughts and so on, because we have language. This language is not just restricted to verbal or written words, but gestures included.

So, lets ‘s embark on a journey to the ancient India, country rich in culture, and discover how beautiful these gestures are in the form of ART.”

– Confused Earthling

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Tiger Tiger Tiger!!!

“Whether you want it or not?
Whether you like it or not?
Whether you realize it or not?
Movies play a key role in shaping our characters and personalities.
They influence our behaviour, attitude, values and lifestyle, consciously or subconsciously.
But, is the influence a good one or bad one? Now, that is a debatable question.”

-Champu Gorilla

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Bus Diaries V.1.0

” Heeeelllllllloooooooo, everyone,

How many of you travel through public transport?
How many of you have taken the public transport units’ buses to go to office, home, college or elsewhere?
We all have. At least once in our lifetime we have traveled in these public transport services. And we end up making lots of memories and we even end up with friend circles like train friends and bus friends.

So, I wanted to share with you all some of the adventures my friends and I have had by travelling in the public transport.

Hope you enjoy the rides.”

– Miss Fujoshi

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“Hello everyone,

How many folks out there are proud to have sent their kids to the U.S.A. or to any other developed countries and are receiving fat salary slips?

However, with the recent incidents of xenophobic attacks, several questions arise – why are they leaving the safe haven of the homeland? For lack of opportunities in the home country? For better salary? For status? For living the American Dream?

But, then again, are they really living the American Dream?”

– Miss Sunshine