Memories of a Life Time

10:45 P.M. – You have an exam to write early morning, the very next day. Struggling to complete the syllabus and going through your book which shows no signs of ending. You continue ignoring your parents’ ‘Sleep now’ instructions. Amidst all this, a few happy and excited giggling voices make way to your ears. You open the curtains of your window to see a bunch of children playing and laughing to their hearts’ content. It suddenly leads you to some long lost thoughts.

We all had a childhood with some happy and sad moments. It’s that phase of your life which you always feel like returning to. I completed my schooling a few years ago. But, those feelings and emotions still occupy a very large space in my heart.

A few years back,

When I was in my primary section, with afternoon timings I used to never leave for school without watching my favourite cartoons. Well Noddy, Oswald, Bob the Builder always fascinated me (they continue to do so even today).

My mom used to keep a plate full of food in front of me. But, without paying any attention to it, my television set continued to grab my eyeballs. I always used to wonder whether I will be able to visit at least once the Big city of Oswald or spend a day or two in Noddy’s Toy Town. My life was far from reality.

There were a lot of subjects that were to be studied in school. From languages to History to Geography (I never understood why I ever had this subject in my curriculum) to economics. The paint, scissors and glue subject used to excite me, but, would be equally annoying. Rather than the paper I would end up sticking my fingers and filling my uniform with a lot of colours. I remember we used to have a dictation test in school. Mom used to get them done by me by making me write 50 odd words about five times each. An equally memorable thing about school was mental sums wherein the teacher used to dictate a few mathematical word problems which had to be solved within a fraction of a second.

When school timings changed from afternoon to morning, I had a big time trouble getting up in the morning at 6 a.m. When the alarm used to ring, I would pull up the pillows and blanket to cover up my ears and would continue to sleep. With the maximum amount of energy which my mom could possess, she would shout and shake me up (I am sure the shake sensitivity feature of my phone would had gone for a toss had I been the phone and my mom its user).

The teachers used to give a lot of homework and assignments to be completed. Non-completion would result in imposition the next day. The punishment would be sitting on the floor of the classroom and attending the whole lecture for a full half an hour. The most funny moment would be when more than half of the population of the class had not completed their homework and each one of them would find their own comfortable way for sitting on the floor leaving little to no space for the teacher to stand and write on the board.

Social Networking sites or instant messaging apps like Facebook or WhatsApp were not in vogue as they are today. One day absence to school meant calling a friend and requesting her to lend you her notebook to complete your notes. Being absent for school meant writing a one line reason for your absence in a leave absence page specially dedicated for that purpose.

The open days were something that one would never forget. The answer sheets of each paper would be neatly wrapped and would be handed over to the parents as if it was a gift. Parents used to glance through the exam papers and look at their wards with big annoying eyes. It was the day when the teacher could pour out her emotions bottled in her hearts about you and your antiques in class.

The friends in school are the closest to you because they know you from the time when you used to cry with those big water droplets in your eyes, when your parents used to leave you at the door of the school, to the time when you become a teenager.

As days, months and years pass by, you really don’t realise until the farewell that it is time to bid goodbye to your lovely school, caring teachers and some really good friends.

It’s only when you keep your first step in college that you realise the dynamics and realities of the world. No one really cares whether you pass or fail. The results are displayed on a big bulletin board near your college gate so that it is visible to everyone – whether you have passed or failed. As a very famous dialogue from the movie 3 Idiots,

“Agar aapke blood test mein haemoglobin kam nikale, toh doctor aapko tonic dega ya aapka report TV pe dikhayega”

I really don’t understand why results should be publicly displayed. Something like these never existed in school and you could easily manipulate your results while disclosing it to others.

The display of the defaulter list (signifying how many days you visit the college) is something what everyone looks up to. The teachers don’t give you spoon-fed notes and no one really bothers whether you have even maintained a notebook.

Today, it has been my five years into college, but I still remember those lovely childhood moments where you never had anything substantial to really worry about. These days my mind is constantly occupied with deadlines for submissions, mailing CVs to several firms for internships, burning the night oil in preparing PowerPoint presentations, constantly checking WhatsApp for messages, and if any time is left, then to think about my future.

Well I always hope that I will get one day to live again all those wonderful moments in my life.


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– Miss Sunshine



P.S.: We apologize for the delay as some of us are busy with the exams. Again, sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience. 

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