The Wonders of Ancient India (Part-2)

Welcome back folks!! It is time to resume our time travel to Ancient India!!

This time we are going to discover some of the amazing facts about the Indian chants or the “mantras”.

But before that, let us take a look at some physical phenomena such as frequency of the sound waves and its effects on us. Well, as we know, a human being is the result of the merging of the body and the mind (or the soul). The body is made up of tiny cells and the mind is a storehouse of thoughts which is basically energy. The body cells contain the DNA which gets influenced by certain external factors such as light, sound, etc. And sound is a form of energy which can be studied in terms of its frequency, pitch, wave pattern etc. Also, the body is made up of 70% of water which is also influenced by the above factors. Hence, by altering the frequency of the sound, DNA and the mind can be controlled or regulated effectively. (Watch the videos at the end to know how sound affects water and matter!)

You may be wondering what is the relevance of these Physics and Biology facts and concepts at this point? Well, you are going to find out now.

It is a well-known fact that the Hindus of India practice and chant certain verses from their religious books, called the “Vedas”, during various auspicious occasions and also during everyday prayers. Not just that, these Vedas prescribe several other occasions where only specific hymns and chants are to be used. Wondering about how and why these chants are important? Let us examine them step by step!

Starting with a surface level examination, we find that these chants are usually in praise of God and many of his avatars and the various forms in which he exists, according to Hinduism. Going a little deeper, we examine it on a metaphorical level as these Vedas are verses of a long poem which follows a particular set pattern or rhythm just like any other form of poetry. On this level, we find that these hymns have metaphorical injunctions which co-relate scientific phenomena like electricity, magnetism, gravity, space and time, astronomy etc. Going further deep, we reach the “Energy level” which is the deepest level of any chant or mantra. At this level, we examine the frequencies and wave patterns of the sound waves that are produced while the chanting of these mantras. We find that the frequencies on which the mantras are sung or recited are the frequencies which influence the body, mind and soul at a very basic level of existence. This is where the Physics and Biology that we read above comes into play.

Mantras are specifically created and recited at such frequencies to produce the desired effects on the human body and mind. The frequencies that are emitted by the way of recitation of these chants influence the DNA to produce changes in it and thus, mantras help in healing the body. Ancient Indian texts reveal the science of self-healing which was realized by way of the frequencies of these mantras. Mantras also have a soothing effect on the mind and practically proven to calm down frayed nerves which in turn help to alleviate problems like depression, stress, schizophrenia etc. Exposure to various levels of frequencies have been proven to reduce heart rate in patients suffering from hypertension, reduce blood glucose level in diabetics and increase the metabolism and growth rate in not only human beings but also in animals and even plants.

Some people advocate reciting the mantras at appropriate occasions even if we do not understand their meaning. Logically it is absurd to chant something of which you have no idea about. But, chanting of mantras has a completely different purpose. As we have seen above, it is the frequency at which these mantras are chanted rather than its inherent meaning, which make it effective and bring about the desired results. Adding meaning to these mantras only increases the already enchanting and soothing experience.

But beware! The benefit of these mantras can only be reaped if they are chanted with proper enunciation of the words and in the same pitch as is recommended in the books. But, the difficulty is in pronouncing the words of the chants as mantras are essentially in Sanskrit. Hence, it is important to properly study the pronunciation of these words because if these words are wrongly pronounced it may not yield the desired results or worse, may give opposite results. This makes sense because every word has a unique frequency and change of the frequency of its sound by even 10Hz can drastically change the effects it produces on the DNA at the molecular level.

It is quite amazing that books as old as Vedas are still relevant in today’s day and age. It is truly a treatise of science rather than religion. We should, therefore, not limit its use to one community or country. Knowledge and Science belongs to the whole world as we are all one big family (Vasudheiva Kutumbakam). And after all, that’s what India stands for!

– Confused Earthling

To know more, you can listen to some of the chants from the Vedas below:


Or refer the following link:



P.S.: We apologize for the delay as we were occupied with our previous engagements. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope you all enjoy this blog from Confused Earthling.

– Amateurs

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