Fast track, really?

December 16th 2012 – A 23 year old girl was brutally beaten, raped, tortured and thrown out of a moving bus in Delhi. The people took to the streets to demand justice for this brave girl and to awake the Government towards the safety of girls in the nation. People from all over the world sympathized with this girl who was named Nirbhaya (Without fear).The girl died 11 days later in a hospital in Singapore due to multiple injuries.


May 5th, 2017 – The Apex court of this country pronounced capital punishment to the four convicts of the Nirbhaya case.


It can be seen that five years have elapsed since this horrific incident which shocked the world, and the Supreme Court judgment pronounced a few days ago fails to have a deterrent effect due to the unprecented delay. The party in power at the time of the incident had assured that the case will be tried in a fast track court. However, it seems that the Hon’ble Apex Court considers five years period to be Quick justice, given the Indian Judiciary’s track record of large number of pending cases.

But the judiciary is also not at fault as it itself grapples with the the issue of shortage of judges in most of the Courts in India. While the Government and the legislature lack in the effort to improve the judicial system, it’s the common man like you and I who suffer the most.

As the latest statistics goes, more than 60 thousand cases were pending in the Supreme Court as of September, 2016 and a whopping 2.81 crore cases pending in all District Courts of this country as of July, 2016.This huge backlog of cases denies justice to all those innocent victims and their families who wait for several years before justice is finally dispensed. The biggest loss due to this delay in disposal of cases is to the rape victims and their families. Rape rips a woman off her dignity and respect in the society and the family of the victim is looked down with great dismay.

India has always been a patriarchal society and women have always been given a secondary position, whether it was Draupadi of Mahabharata whose honour and respect had been compromised by her own husband or whether it was Sita of Ramayana who was sent to exile on accusations of unchastity. Even today when girls have started getting out of their homes and have begun working shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts, sexual harassment and rape cases are still on the rise and the male population of our nation refuses to acknowledge the capabilities and talent of women, whether as their better half or as their colleague at work place.

This dominating psych and the custom of treating women as someone subordinate contributes greatly to sexual crimes against women. The indifferent attitude of the Courts towards the violence against women and the mud- slinging on the character and background of the victims, adds up to their mental and physical trauma. A girl is always said to be at fault and she is often expected to confine herself to the four walls of her home to ensure her safety.

We have set the road straight for making India an investment and manufacturing hub, but if we cannot ensure the safety of our wives and daughters standing alone on the streets late at night after a hectic day at work, all our efforts to develop our nation are in vain.

Though concepts like AntiRomeo squads have been brought into effect in states like UP and movies like Pink has brought the issue of sexual crimes against women to the forefront,the crime rate against women would not fall even a bit unless boys and men are made to learn how to respect women and are made to understand the importance of women in their life.

It’s high time we make India not just a better place which would have prosperity and wealth, but a place which would give women the honour and respect which has been long overdue to them in this country.

Miss Sunshine


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