So, who am I exactly?

Social media, a place where one can find about anything and everything, some things are useful, some are entertaining, some are utter waste of time and some are straight away bizarre, and from amongst this gibberish came forth a wide array of personality tests.

Like seriously what’s the deal with them, especially the ones using our date of birth, some random selection of colors or interpretation of squished insects or ink blots. There may be some science, of which, I may be ignorant of, however, when there are websites and portals purely designed and dedicatedly generating new programs to test and scrutinize one’s personality, are present in such vast multitude, one can’t help but wonder  that have we have entered an age where human beings are controlled by computers.

The test is super simple and convenient, just a few clicks, run some programs and algorithms and voila here’s your personality. So, basically a computer proclaims that you have so and so personality and people without any questions accept the proclamation and proudly post it for the world to acknowledge it. I have no intentions to belittle anyone, just merely noting the insecurity and intense need of validation from others that one has amazing personality traits is almost omnipresent.

Are we so uncertain about ourselves that we need a machine to tell us what we are?

Some may argue that results are based on the choices we make that in turn show our personality. I rather believe that we associate to the traits given because they are so general and desirable, such as artistic, focused, creative and on and on goes the list of goody good things (seriously, when have those tests ever shown that you are a terrible person). And no results are ever the same – one stated I’m a water person and the other one that I’m fire type. So, what am I!? I JUST WANT TO BE A COTTON CANDY GORILLA WITH A UNICORN AS MY PET! B-).

It is so easy, natural and tempting to want and believe the possession of these attributes in ourselves. That’s human nature and can’t be helped, and these tests simply cater to our ever existent need to be accepted.

I’m not in favor of banning or boycotting or going on a witch hunt, I’m simply saying that we shouldn’t just simply accept such results as a divine verdict and take them in humor. After all we all need some guilty pleasure once in a while and not depend on some random algorithm designed by some crafty computer wizard to define (or confuse) us and accept the fact that we all are amazing in our own weird ways.

– Champu Gorilla

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