A Step Ahead

Some are born lucky and some are not, and they are popularly known as Normal and the Differently-abled, respectively.

For years now, the Differently-abled have been subjected to many atrocities and discrimination. They have faced all sorts of hardships like abandonment, prejudice, hatred and so on, and they face such hardships even today. There have been times, and still there are, when they were considered to be affected by black magic and were taken for exorcism. Even the facilities that were developed in our country were built without taking into consideration the special needs of the Differently-abled, further adding to their hardships and depriving them of the right to live a dignified life. The Differently-abled have also faced countless discriminations when it came to employment opportunities.

But, over the years, we have taken several steps forward with judicial activism and social activism, wherein people have fought for the rights of the Differently-abled through online petitions, and complaints and PILs in the court.

But, then, in the midst of this fight for their rights, there’s the Enable Academy, who have gone a step further and have come up with an innovative online platform, wherein they have established a framework to provide training, resources, services and interactive tools for persons with disability to make them ready for livelihood opportunities. They also offer employers awareness, inclusion models, best practices, services, peer connects, interactive tools for hiring persons with disability, awareness, capacity building programs and interactive tools for enablers like NGOs, mainstream institutions, parents, academia, volunteers, service providers and product vendors. And, they have partnered with many employers, NGOs, and other stakeholders.

However, in order to promote more inclusiveness amongst the masses, the Enable Academy has launched a new initiative for all to learn sign language through WhatsApp videos – One Sign Per Day. With the goal to reach a lot more people so that everyone could learn sign language, they have launched an initiative where people can learn sign language by taking just one minute from their everyday lives and support the Differently-abled by doing so.

So, what are you all waiting for? Let’s all chip in and help out the Differently-abled, in order for them to live in a society wherein they are felt accepted.

Here’s the link for the subscription for the videos.


*Once you have filled the form, send ‘START’ to 9008566314.

Visit this link for more information about Enable Academy and SPREAD THE WORD!

– Miss Fujoshi 

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