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Hope you all are having a great time in the rains. Even as I write this post, drops of water continue to fall outside my window. It is the month of July and rains have just now begun. For some, rains mean loads of fun by getting wet and getting hold of some delicacies. For some people like me, rains mean finding way to walk through a big puddle of water, long hours of waiting at the bus stop, huge traffic snarls and snail paced local trains. For the sons of the soil, rains mean good crops and timely repayment of loans.

The downpour in monsoon and the sweet smell of wet soil brings vivid pictures of rain before me. My school used to reopen in June every year after a two-month long summer break. New academic year meant a lot of new stuff but the most special would be the colorful umbrella and raincoat. When school used to begin in morning, we used to gaze endlessly outside the window, waiting desperately for heavy rains as heavy rains meant half day off and a subsequent holiday, the very next day.

I can still recollect the day when the city where I live was completely submerged in water – July 26th, 2005. I and my mom with great difficulty had managed to wade through the water and reach home safely that day. But, it was that same day when I saw thousands of people helping strangers, holding hands so that everyone remains safe. My art and craft lectures during the time of monsoon had also had all rain related activities, like drawing a picture of children playing in rains and making paper boats. Perhaps, the most memorable part used to be the writing of imaginary autobiographies in the English lecture about inanimate objects like umbrella, raincoat or boots with titles such as “If I were an umbrella” and the likes.

Rains also meant a variety of tasty food to please your taste buds. An ideal day in the rains would be sitting in the balcony or besides the window and gorging on some bhaji (an Indian fried food item made by dipping potatoes or onion in a wet mixture of Chana flour) and cutting chai (tea).

Rains have also not failed to grab the attention of lyricists, both in India and abroad. Indian movies usually have elaborate song and dance affairs and rains are an integral part of it. From the evergreen Pyaar hua Ikraar hua to the unforgettable Rim Jhim Gire Sawan to the sensuous Tip Tip Barsa Pani to the recent Cham Cham, monsoon songs have changed with changing mindsets of the people.

Well, this was all I had to tell you about rains. If you have some experiences and fond memories of the rain, do share with us.


Thank you for reading this post!!!!!!

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– Miss Sunshine

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