Red Milk

She spoke in muffled voices,
From under the pallu covering her face,
Fear embedded in every syllable,
She struggled to walk straight.

“Prepare warm water for my sore throat,
And then massage my tired feet! ”,
Her mother-in-law scowled at her as usual,
She quivered and quickened her pace.

As night befell the small village,
A soft lullaby by the night,
She put her unborn son to sleep.

“You are my hope and my dream,
My dear little Prince, liberate me from my curse,
Liberate me from my suffering,
And put my soul at peace!”
Oblivious to the chaos, he blissfully slept,
With his divinely beautiful sister.
No one knew of her presence yet,
In the warm amniotic liquor.

“Do not worry, my dear!
You will have a son this time.”
Her husband comforted her.

Thus, the twins and their mother
Slept peacefully that night,
Unaware of the mother-in-law’s nefarious plans.
Next morning she went into labor,
Rituals and prayers began.


“Great Lord, please bless us

With a brilliant and handsome son,

He is the future of our lineage,

He shall be second to none! “


And sure, the son did arrive,

Much to the relief of his mother,

Her third child after two forsaken daughters,

Liberated her from the curse forever!


“Ohh! The harbinger of good luck has arrived!”

Exclaimed the mother-in-law.

Alas! The first cry of the twin sister,

Turned her mirthful cries into deep shock.


She was beautiful; calm and curious,

Round and twinkling eyes,

Father’s face and grandma’s dimples,

She was an angel in disguise.


“A daughter! Omen of bad luck,

The reason of all misfortunes,

I disown her; She has no right to live;

Else, our ancestors’ curse will be upon us. “


The mother broke down,

She begged and prayed,

To spare her daughter’s life.

“You have got your Prince,

Why kill my Princess?

I only want to see her alive! “


No heed was given to her fervent pleas,

They brought a large copper vessel,

Filled it with milk and rice hulls,

It was the neonate’s death well.


“Great Lord! Accept our offering!

May the souls of our ancestors have peace!”


The beautiful, dimpled, smiling infant,

Was content in the company of her twin,

He held her tiny hands for one last time

Her blue eyes smiled back without a blink.


She was slowly lowered into the vessel

They immersed her in milk,

She gurgled at first, bubbles arose,

Then splashed at it with tiny fists.


The milk entered her mouth and nose,

She gasped for her breath,

Hulls of rice clogged her throat,

She slowly sank to her death.


The mother fainted,

As her daughter coughed blood,

The father, helpless; he wailed,

He saw her blue eyes now bloodshot,

He saw that little life fade..


They killed a daughter; A sister, a mother.

They punished an innocent soul.

Ahh! The fate of a female on the land

Where Goddesses are adorned in gold!


Cursed are they who witnessed the crime,

No one moved, not a word was said.

But even in her death, her smile didn’t fade,

As she lay in milk, now coloured red.


– Confused Earthling 

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