Bus Diaries V.2.0

Hello, everyone!!! You all must have guessed it already from the title,so, yes. Bus Diaries is back in a new version – Bus Diaries V.2.0. Let’s go on a ride now……….

Being a fairly new college built in the middle of fairly new residential society has it’s own drawbacks and i.e., connectivity. In simple words, travelling convenience. Imagine if you have to attend college in a place which is cut off from the real world and is situated amongst tall buildings of 20-30 floors, wherein there’s no bus or rickshaw for you to take to reach the station which is 5 kms away. *Sigh*

Okay, there was bit of exaggeration in that. However, the issue of travelling convenience is the truth. In Bus Diaries V.1.0. I told you all about the bus stop which is situated at the highway and how my friends and I had to walk for 10 minutes just to reach the stop in order to catch the bus. But, those days are over with. After so much effort on the part of our University and the locals, we have a new bus route inaugurated from R Society(the society amongst which our college is situated) to M Railway Station.

Believe me when I tell you that this, but, ever since the new bus route was inaugurated our travelling hardships have been reduced by almost 80%. No.92 is the new bus launched in this route. It has a fixed time table with the only and the same bus running back and forth from the Station to the Society. And it was, most of the times, on time and always went to the Station from the society. Well, always except for that one bus at that particular time – 12:40 p.m.

The ever so famous 12:40 bus (From R Society to the M Railway Station). It always sent shivers down my spine. Just thinking about it gives me the jitters. That one bus is enough to give me and my friends a lifetime of stress and worries. Why? Because, whether that bus goes to the station or not depends on the time at which it returns from its previous journey to the Society’s bus top.

The fixed time for the bus is 12:40 and the route is, supposedly, from R Society to M Railway Station. But, nothing ever is perfect. Because of the recent construction of flyovers and metro-lines which fall on the route of No. 92 bus, due to which there is a lot of traffic and the bus is delayed to reach the destination many times. You might be thinking ‘So what?’ Well, it’s because of the same traffic, the same delay that No. 92’s route changes from ‘R Society to M Railway Station’ to ‘R Society to N Depot’, and this ‘N Depot is in the opposite direction of the Station.

Didn’t get it? Well, if the No.92 bus comes at anytime before 12:40 p.m. or at 12:40 p.m., it will go to the Station. But, if it came after 12:40 p.m., even if at 12:41, it will go to N Depot, which is in the opposite direction of the Station. Why? In the words of the driver and the conductor, it’s their lunch time. And at times like this, my friends and I think, ” What’s the use of having that bus at 12:40, fooling innocent people and crushing their hopes of having a direct bus to the Station, when that bus never comes before 12:40 p.m. and ends up going to the N Depot?”

Oh the horror we live through when we are fooled, when our hearts are broken, when our hopes crushed and when our time is wasted! *Shivers* 

After this 12:40 bus, the next bus is directly at 3:30 p.m. So, if the 12:40 bus isn’t on time or before time, pray for yourself, friends, because then going to Station from the Society is an altogether different adventure, considering there’s no rickshaw or any other bus there. (I mean, who has lunch for over 3 hours?)

And, something like this, folks, can happen only in this A City.

P.S.: I have no intention of dissing any of the transport units. It’s just me writing about my adventures. And the bus numbers used in this post are just random numbers. They are not the bus numbers of the buses in which my friend and I travel. Hope you enjoyed the ride. If any of you have stories to share like this, please do send.

– Miss Fujoshi

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