” Just another rainy day, but many memories made. Some bad, some good. Some forgettable, some memorable. But, in the end we always end up experiencing something new or old in the rains.”

– Miss Sunshine

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Memories of a Life Time

“Last Benchers, first benchers, teacher’s pet, top of the teacher’s hit list, homework, last minute completion, crazy friends, dictation tests, pen fights, bottles as big as our faces, maybe even twice the size of our faces, leave notes, etc.

Now mix all these ingredients and you get ‘SCHOOL’!!!

How crazy and memorable were those days in school – the only place where you were when you start and cry when you leave.

Join me down the memory lane as I recall my school days.”

– Miss Sunshine

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Bus Diaries V.1.0

” Heeeelllllllloooooooo, everyone,

How many of you travel through public transport?
How many of you have taken the public transport units’ buses to go to office, home, college or elsewhere?
We all have. At least once in our lifetime we have traveled in these public transport services. And we end up making lots of memories and we even end up with friend circles like train friends and bus friends.

So, I wanted to share with you all some of the adventures my friends and I have had by travelling in the public transport.

Hope you enjoy the rides.”

– Miss Fujoshi

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