Authors Talking #5

Hey, Readers

You can call me Miss Fujoshi. To the people who already know what my name means and are also one, “Hey, there!”

And to the people who don’t?  Google! And then, “Hey, there!”

Anyways, I am one of the bloggers/writers and the manager of this blog. From my name itself, you all might have guessed, but, I am not one.

One day, I realized that there are many reviews, many frustrations, many bottled up emotions and the likes, in all of us. And we end up keeping it bottled up because of the fear of being subjected to judgmental views or because out of courtesy or politeness so as to refrain from hurting someone. All this is due to all of us living in a cove built up of various popularly accepted societal norms. In simple words, we bottle up many things because we have lost our way, our creativity in the race of a normal, settled lifestyle.

I believe everyone should express. Be it in writing, in words, in sign language, etc., every person should just speak out. And this blog is just for that.

All we want is to just write, to speak up and to express whatever comes to my mind.

You have something to say, something to express, something to confess, something to show, then, come on and join us. Let all be friends and get along and show the world what we have running in our minds.

*But, let’s keep HENTAI off the table. Only in that case, whatever happens in your minds let it remain in your minds.

I have just two expectations from all of you –

Have something to say? Then, WRITE!!!!!!!!!

Have something to show? Then, SHARE!!!!!!!!

So, join us in this journey and let’s all write, even if amateurs.

And I thank all my other co-bloggers-Miss Sunshine, ConfusedEarthling, The Change Maker and Champu Gorilla – for coming together and making this blog a reality.


 – Miss Fujoshi

P.S.- I’m a hardcore OTAKU!

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Authors Talking #4


Where do I begin?

For starters, I’m from Earth (well, that’s what I was told), a female (I know that for sure), a big awkward nerd, a half hearted Otaku and so weird that people actually have serious doubts about my sanity, which is not completely baseless since my mother didn’t have me tested.she flatly refused because she is knows without a shadow of doubt that I have a few loose screws.

This is my first time giving a serious shot at writing. Further I’m a big wuss, hence, writing under a pen name.

I also don’t know what I would be writing. Therefore, restraining from pledging my allegiance to a particular genre; so, guys can safely make another guess that you might not find anything really useful or things that would sort you out from my writing.

But there is one thing that I’m absolutely sure about, it is the fact that I’m a thinker (more like I zone out more than an average a person) and earnestly wish my amateur thoughts transcend into mature writings (not erotica, get your head out the gutter).

So, if you guys have some time to spare and read some senseless clatter of my a-mature thoughts,

Stay tuned!


DISCLAIMER: I won’t be responsible for any mental injury, shock or imbalance caused due to or after reading my posts.

– Champu Gorilla

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