From Spinsterhood to Married Life

“It’s really funny to see how much a person changes after marriage. After marriage people change so much that we start having doubts if it’s the same person whom we have known for the whole of our lives.

So, here I am detailing about the same. Enjoy!”

– The Change Maker

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“Hey there, everyone,

Since, most of us are busy with our exams, we won’t be able to update on our blogs for a while. But, don’t worry, we don’t intend to desert you. So, till the time our exams are on, we are living you with some inspirational quotes of ours. Enjoy!!

Sorry for the trouble. Thanks for being with us all the time.”

– AmateursInThoughts


Ahoy! There’s the President!!

” ‘We are going to get to see the President of India’.
My friends and I kept singing it in our heads.
Of course, our excitement was not only because of that, but, because we could now go ahead with our plan to have some yummy, delicious, mouth-watering waffles.
But, who knew, the event itself would have been a fun of its own giving us new memories to ponder over?”

– The Change Maker

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Journey of dilly -daily life…

“Hello everyone,

How many of you dream of riches? How many of you dream of a comfortable life? Well, I believe we all are already rich and have everything we need.
You don’t? Then, open your eyes and look around, and relieve in the beauty called ‘Earth’.

We all, in our run for riches, miss out on the smallest things, which give us immense happiness and satisfaction.

So, take a pause and enjoy life.”

– The Change Maker

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