Authors Talking #5

Hey, Readers

You can call me Miss Fujoshi. To the people who already know what my name means and are also one, “Hey, there!”

And to the people who don’t?  Google! And then, “Hey, there!”

Anyways, I am one of the bloggers/writers and the manager of this blog. From my name itself, you all might have guessed, but, I am not one.

One day, I realized that there are many reviews, many frustrations, many bottled up emotions and the likes, in all of us. And we end up keeping it bottled up because of the fear of being subjected to judgmental views or because out of courtesy or politeness so as to refrain from hurting someone. All this is due to all of us living in a cove built up of various popularly accepted societal norms. In simple words, we bottle up many things because we have lost our way, our creativity in the race of a normal, settled lifestyle.

I believe everyone should express. Be it in writing, in words, in sign language, etc., every person should just speak out. And this blog is just for that.

All we want is to just write, to speak up and to express whatever comes to my mind.

You have something to say, something to express, something to confess, something to show, then, come on and join us. Let all be friends and get along and show the world what we have running in our minds.

*But, let’s keep HENTAI off the table. Only in that case, whatever happens in your minds let it remain in your minds.

I have just two expectations from all of you –

Have something to say? Then, WRITE!!!!!!!!!

Have something to show? Then, SHARE!!!!!!!!

So, join us in this journey and let’s all write, even if amateurs.

And I thank all my other co-bloggers-Miss Sunshine, ConfusedEarthling, The Change Maker and Champu Gorilla – for coming together and making this blog a reality.


 – Miss Fujoshi

P.S.- I’m a hardcore OTAKU!

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Authors Talking #4


Where do I begin?

For starters, I’m from Earth (well, that’s what I was told), a female (I know that for sure), a big awkward nerd, a half hearted Otaku and so weird that people actually have serious doubts about my sanity, which is not completely baseless since my mother didn’t have me tested.she flatly refused because she is knows without a shadow of doubt that I have a few loose screws.

This is my first time giving a serious shot at writing. Further I’m a big wuss, hence, writing under a pen name.

I also don’t know what I would be writing. Therefore, restraining from pledging my allegiance to a particular genre; so, guys can safely make another guess that you might not find anything really useful or things that would sort you out from my writing.

But there is one thing that I’m absolutely sure about, it is the fact that I’m a thinker (more like I zone out more than an average a person) and earnestly wish my amateur thoughts transcend into mature writings (not erotica, get your head out the gutter).

So, if you guys have some time to spare and read some senseless clatter of my a-mature thoughts,

Stay tuned!


DISCLAIMER: I won’t be responsible for any mental injury, shock or imbalance caused due to or after reading my posts.

– Champu Gorilla

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Authors Talking #3

Hey there, reader!

Tired after a long day at college, lazing on my bed, my phone springs to life after I switch my WiFi on. Then follows a string of messages, tweets and latest news. The tiresome bus journey from Thane to Vasai makes me want to slumber but I still glance through my chats on WhatsApp. And, BINGO!! There’s one from Miss Fujoshi! In her usual demeanor she asks if I want to join in as a blogger and write on any random stuff.

I’m blanked out. What’s a blogger now? Yes, I live in the 21st century and before you start smirking at me, I want to say I have just begun exploring given my clogged attention to a conventional nerd life. Well, as is the case my curiosity arouses and I’m on Google glancing through the literal meaning of blog which Wikipedia never fails to provide. Satisfied with the results I turn my attention to Miss Fujoshi’s question. Do I have the time to do this? Will I be able to do this? But then there’s always someone inside you wanting to explore the unexplored. Something is better than nothing and there I’m typing my reply yes with that 100 watt smile emoji (my usual favourite) to Miss Fujoshi.

Finally, she makes the WhatsApp group and now there’s an another round of deliberations as to the name of the blog. With suggestions pouring in from Champu Gorillas, Whimsically yours to Juris vamps, we reject them all. Pop! A suggestion comes in and unanimously our interests match. Relieved Miss Fujoshi is up on her task and by late evening  “Amateur in thoughts” is brought to life. An inexplicable surge of happiness flows through on the thought of verbally expressing your random take on almost any arena.

So here I’m, acknowledging my amateurishness over life’s unexplainable lessons, joys and sorrows. A strong activist of ‘Change’ that I hope to engross my readers and ring a bell in their minds every single time they end up reading my story. And I hope you really do.

    – The Change Maker

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Authors Talking #2

Hey there, readers!

Do you remember the last time you took some time out of your busy schedule and did something that you really wanted to do? Perhaps, a hobby? Or something that you began but left it halfway for want of time? If your answer to the former was negative and to the latter was positive then congratulations! You are successfully entangled in the troubles of today and have forgotten about yourself. And do not worry, you have company. There are thousands of people in the same situation. And yes, that includes me too!

Having said that, let me introduce myself. I am a fellow human being and I’m here to talk to you. We may not know each other but we’re going to find out that eventually in the course of our interaction. What prompted me to strike this conversation with you has many reasons but the prominent one was the one that I mentioned above. About things that we really want to do. Talking to different people and sharing ideas is one thing that I really wanted to do. I hope to reach different and varied audience, talk to them. Share my opinions and receive your responses. I hope to be a friend, a companion, sometimes a teacher and mostly, a student, sometimes, a guide and mostly, a story-teller.

I didn’t mention my name. Well, what I believe is, words and feelings do not have names or nationalities. What matters are ideas and perspectives. These only need a language for communication and not comprehension. Names are just our temporary identities but the ideas we conceive are permanent and eternal.

Life is too strange sometimes. A wrong decision can occasionally lead us onto the right path. What I believe is that the universe has a plan for you. You may go astray and lose your path but you can never really get lost. Your destiny keeps pulling you back and ultimately leads you to a path that was planned for you.

And I feel that this endeavor is also a part of the plan – yours, as the reader and mine, as the story-teller. Let us embark upon this journey together and find out where the universe leads us to.

  – ConfusedEarthling

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Authors Talking #1

Hello Readers! Welcome to our blog!

Demonetisation, e-wallets, payment apps and so on. For the last two months we have heard these word several times. We have several times felt the need to share our suggestions and opinions about the grave cash crunch situation that the country was facing. We, probably, may have had long hours of discussion with our family, friends and colleagues about what we felt about India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s Notebandh. Well, in the recent past the Internet and the Social Media have proved to be a great means of expressing our views and opinions. Blogs are an essential part of this great flow of virtual information.

Blogs have become a trend these days. From food to travel to gadgets, blogs now have a mass appeal. They have become a simple way to reach out to a larger audience.

I am a Third year student of law who has always loved to write about anything that captured my interest. I like to write about a variety of topics, preferentially, about social issues and current affairs.

One who loves to write wishes to express his/her opinions through some medium. This blog has given me a great opportunity to speak about issues closer to my heart and grab attention of smart, intellectual and interested readers like you.

Social media and internet have brought the world closer and have given a chance to the people to create awareness about matters that affect the general well being of the society.  I hope this blog will serve as channel for exchange and flow of ideas, views and thoughts. I am very enthusiastic and excited to start off this wonderful writing journey.

Every week I and my co-bloggers will give you insights into different issues that you may be interested about and would publish posts that will make you more knowledgeable and informative about your surroundings.

Of course, it is not limited to just knowledgeable writings. Who knows? We may even be involved with creative writings.

So, readers and writers, your valuable feedback and suggestions are most welcome. Keep reading this space for more.

Do read, write and share!!!

   – Miss Sunshine

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