How screwed up is our system?

” We all have been through or are yet to to got through the dilemmas of the exams and the Boards. – how they are the decider of our lives!”

– Miss Fujoshi

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It is all for a meal!

” So, how many of us are well off? How many of us could actually afford 3 meals a day? Many of us can.

But, there’s one part of the populace who strive to work hard day in and out just for even one meal a day.”

– Miss Sunshine

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Red Milk

” Horrors of female infanticide even today continue to haunt many parts of India, because the girl child you killed is still asking – What crime did I commit to be killed?'”

– Confused Earthling

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” Just another rainy day, but many memories made. Some bad, some good. Some forgettable, some memorable. But, in the end we always end up experiencing something new or old in the rains.”

– Miss Sunshine

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A Step Ahead

“The Differently-abled have always been discriminated against in all forms, depriving them of their rights. They have always bore the brunt of exclusiveness.
So, now let’s do our part to make them feel at home by learning their language. And the Enable Academy is there to help us do so.”

– Miss Fujoshi

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