Feminist in Making

Okay let’s start with a one of the most debatable issues faced by mankind today – FEMINISM.

So here I was furiously quarreling in yet another clichéd squabble regarding Trump and Clinton,  and who among them is a better candidate and matters incidental to it (before the debacle a.k.a., the Presidential Election) with my colleague or my sarcastic ‘soul mate’ when suddenly out  of nowhere he hurled at me a nasty,“ Don’t you dare intimidate me with your feminist views”, for which I had absolutely no answer because I utterly failed to interpret the semantics of the said sentence and a genuine (not sarcastic) ‘I beg your pardon’ was in order on my part.

My confusion was legitimate as Oxford since 1852 says ‘feminist is a person who supports feminism’ and ‘feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes in social, political and economic spheres of life’; and since when has the objective of this movement turned into an ugly intimidation and a threat to the masculine forces of nature and a propaganda to oppress and harass them.

I’m seriously considering does favoring equality in the regards to the right to vote, to hold public office, to work, to earn fair wages or equal pay, to own propertyto receive education, to enter contracts, to have equal conjugal rights, or to have simply have basic human rights, for almost  half of the human race lead to undermining the status of the other half? If feminism is really the new F word in town and are those feminists some male bashing, ball busting, man tears seeking mavericks who are out on the street burning bras.

So I began pondering on the reasons behind such disturbing misconception regarding the aforesaid.

After careful deliberations, twenty minutes on Google and three cups of coffee I came up with two possible reasons for such misplaced thought process.

Firstly, the ever lingering sense of patriarchy that prevails among the masses. Some  people (pointing at the male population)who hold  great sentimental attachment to it are foolishly  paranoid about being emasculated and resolutely believe in the over-entitlement for some reason incomprehensible by sensible beings, thus in pretense of yet another ridiculously retarded argument that the cultural aspect of a society or so called ‘Sanskaar’ and ‘Mahima’ being tarnished, oppose feminists and feminism blatantly and brazenly. These ‘Sanskaari’ people often express their paranoia via social media by posting some idiotic jokes unwisely using misandry/Nazi-feminism and feminism as synonyms. I am all in for the jokes and would definitely be a sport about it but the one making the joke should remember that there is a fine line of difference between being funny and acting like an imbecile. Further, I highly recommend these folks to invest on a good dictionary and take some time out to check  the word meanings of feminism and misandry.  It’s not just the men, but also the female segment who have also partnered in this crime, these ladies too for some incoherent reason believe that this over- entitlement is nothing but a prerogative bestowed on the masculine force since the inception of mankind, for instance, Indian moms (especially,) who strongly feel that their baby boy should get a fine dowry package as he has painstakingly completed his MBA from some IIM-want-to-be institute.

This is only one part of the problem; the other party to this problem are the pseudo feminists. They are these judgmental, nosy females who believe that a true feminist should never wear makeup, bra, dresses, skirts or heels, look pretty whilst on date or with their male counterpart,  watch rom – coms,  cook , clean or dust for their families, act coy and should talk rough and despise men at all times, take an offence to anything and everything said and done by the male species and their tardy list goes on and on and on.These people, too, have their concepts of feminism muddled up in their silly little heads. These are the ladies who support Hillary Clinton and fiercely propagate women being allowed to do whatever they please and at the same time bash Melania Trump for getting a fake tan or criticizing  her dressing choice and labeling her as a skank or a woman of questionable character(to put it politely).

If you are reading this and can associate yourself to the aforesaid characteristics, then, please for the love of God, STOP! If you really want women to have freedom of choice and opinion, then refrain from  being such a pain and avoid  giving out mindless and reckless censure to   those who are willingly wearing makeup or doing the household work or anything as the matter of choice (which is legal) that goes against or falls outside the parameters of your asinine ‘LIST’ and stereotyping their actions as male attention seeking or that they seemingly enjoy male dominance or  brand them as supporters of patriarchy, it’s their choice and let them be(and yes, it includes supporting Trump). Please don’t try to push your ideology forcibly down their throats and constantly doubting their solidarity towards feminism.To put it simply, YES, a saree clad home maker wearing Sindoor and Bindi and adorning a Mangalsutra, can be feminist.

So in conclusion, I feel a true feminist is the one who advocates equal rights for all genders in the society and fights against the discrimination on the basis of  sex in any sphere of life  for  any one be it a woman, a man or a transgender ,  and  empowers the ones facing such bias

to stand up against it. In short, a true feminist is an egalitarian.

And to allay the fears of my sarcastic ‘soul mate’ of being bombarded with my feminists ideas and being hassled by it, I promise that if the time comes when you are discriminated because you’re a man (this promise is subject to the test of reasonability and other T&Cs are applicable) I’ll stand up for you and support because I’m a Feminist.

Jan Hith Me Jari (Issued In Public Interest)!


Champu Gorilla

P.S.: I’m a feminist-in-making.


Sanskaar – Rite, Culture;

Mahima– Glory of the Indian Culture;

Sanskaari – Cultured, Traditional;

Saree – a garment consisting of a length of cotton or silk elaborately draped around the body, traditionally worn by women from South Asia;

Sindoor – red pigment made from powdered red lead, especially as applied as a dot on the forehead or in the parting of the hair of married Hindu women;

Bindi – a decorative mark worn in the middle of the forehead by Indian women, especially Hindus;

Mangalsutra – a necklace that a Hindu groom ties around the bride’s neck in a ceremony called MangalyaDharanam, which identifies her as a married woman.

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